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An Update from the Taos, NM Pool

In many conversations with our patrons, they are commenting on the improved air quality of the facility. We no longer have the strong odor of chlorine that many pools experience.  This indicates the chloramines level in the air appears to be greatly reduced, resulting in the improved smell in the facility.

Our lifeguard staff is also reporting a big decrease in the consumption of our Pulsar Chlorine tablets. They report having to fill the chlorine hoppers far less frequently than prior to the installation of the Grander products, and our purchases and rate of usage evidence supports the observation.  We estimate that we have reduced our overall chlorine usage in excess of 50%, although it does vary as expected due to bather loads and overall usage.

Our patrons also comment on the facts that their skin is not nearly as dry as it was in the past with higher chlorine usage.

All this is to thank you for your products, and in the indications are that the Grander products continue to perform as you stated.  Our bacteriological tests have confirmed that we are maintaining the standards as set forth by the state of NM without exception.

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