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Taos, NM Swimming Pool

The Taos Youth & Family Center swimming pools have completed the installation of the Grander Water Treatment System.  Thank you for your assistance.

In many conversations with our patrons, they are commenting on the improved air quality of the facility. We no longer have the strong odor of chlorine that many pools experience.  Our lifeguard staff is also reporting a big decrease in the consumption of our Pulsar Chlorine Tables.  They report having to fill the chlorine hoppers far less frequently than prior to the installation of the Grander products. 

A regular patron and swimmer reports that her skin is not nearly as dry as she has experienced over many years, and she does not need to apply skin lotion for dryness nearly as often.  I have personally experienced the improvements in the air quality, noticing the Chloramines level in the are appears to be greatly reduced, resulting in the improved smell in the facility.

All this is to thank you for your products and the early indications are that the Grander products are performing as you stated. 

Brain Greer, Director
Taos Youth & Family Center

"...many positive changes in our pools water."

A letter from Pool Manager Peggy Sanchez
City of Santa Fe, NM

January 14, 2009

Thank you for providing the Grander Technology water treatment system we installed at the Fort Marcy and Bicentennial Pools in July 2008.  Our staff and our patrons have noticed many positive changes in our pool?s water since the Grander system was installed.

One of the most obvious changes is the substantially reduced smell of chlorine, as we have discussed, due to the reduction in chloramines off-gassing in the indoor pool area.  Our patrons and staff have also reported a reduction or absence of skin, eye, and respiratory irritation and a general overall improvement in the atmosphere in our pool environment. 

Since the time of the Grander Technology system installation, we have also experienced a 40 to 50 percent reduction in chlorine consumption.  Our bacteriological tests are in compliance with the standards set by the State of New Mexico Environmental Department.

In time, we suspect that more of the benefits of the Grander system will become apparent to us and our patrons.  Overall, the Grander system has met or exceeded all of the proposed performance parameters, and we are very satisfied with the results.

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