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Westport Village wastewater treatment a success!

I am pleased to inform you that the results of the Grander Technology trial installation at our Westport Village wastewater treatment facility are very positive.  As you know, we opted to utilize this site for evaluation purposes because historically it has been one of our more challenging locations to manage, and we have observed definite improvements since the installation of your system.

Looking at the data collected over the past eight months, the % reduction in BOD has improved from a historical average value of 81% reduction, to an average of 90% reduction since the start of the trial.  Likewise, we have observed a 5% - 10% improvement in the system?s Total Nitrogen removal rate.  During the trial period the average influent total nitrogen concentration was about 11% lower than the historical values, and the corresponding effluent nitrogen level was about 15% lower than historical values.  This indicates that the noted improvements in nutrient removal occurred at slightly lower average system concentrations, which is further evidence of improved performance.

This technology has proven to be a very simple means of improving the overall reliability and efficiency of our system, without any changes to our operating procedures and without any additional maintenance.  Overall this is a very positive result for us.  I wish you great success in your future work with this technology, and hope you will keep us informed of your progress.

AquaPoint Inc.
Stephen W. Buckley
Executive Vice President, Technology and Business Development

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