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GRANDER personal use products
feel better.

GRANDER has been incorporated into a wide range of domestic products for daily use such as pendants and energy boards for placing under water jugs.


The smallest of our immersion rods. The penergizer enhances the taste of consumable liquids and is the
'on-the-go' revitalizer.

  easy to use
Simply stir your water, beer, wine, coffee, smoothie or juice approx. ten times and hold in the middle of the glass for 5 seconds. Wipe clean and store in a dry place.

 perfect size
Roughly the size of an ordinary pen the penergizer is made of high grade stainless steel.

long lasting
Your GRANDER penergizer will last a very long time if you use it with care. Wipe dry after every use and make sure not to boil or freeze.


+ foods keep fresher, longer
+ easily placed in refrigerator

to use
GRANDER boards are most effective when used in refrigerators, enhancing vegetable freshness as well as revitalizing water, juices and alcoholic beverages. Each board contains copper-spiral tubing filled with Grander's Information Water.

two sizes 
GRANDER boards are available in two sizes: 17x17 cm and 29x29 cm.


Containing Grander's pure and precious Information Water, the pendant is meant to wear around your neck, allowing your personal energy field to be strengthened.

+ beautiful glass-blown design
+ helps strengthen personal energy field
+ simply wear as a necklace

Blue Water

Following Johann Grander?s natural procedure, the original GRANDER water is a revitalized water that brings from its origin all the preconditions that display a pure, high-quality and bacteriologically clean drinking water. 

This water is matchless because it remains stable and fresh for years. This is attained by a completely natural way of water revitalization, without adding any other ingredients or conventional water treatment methods.

To experience its energy, the regular enjoyment of small amounts is sufficient.


Yellow Sulfate Water

GRANDER sulfate water is great for skin conditions of all types, from burns to rashes.

+ totally natural in origin

+ enriched in various minerals
+ natural positive benefits

Spritz or gently pat on skin location.

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