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GRANDER belebt Wasser, Menschen und ihre Lebensräume
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Movies about Johann Grander?s life, his Russian award, the users, tests and much, much more.

Johann Grander

The film production ?Der Wassermann von Tirol? is about Johann Grander?s life. Grander reports on his invention and his involvement with nature through much wisdom, humour and self-mockery. Friends and enthusiastic users of GRANDER water, notably Hansi Hinterseer or the Archbishop of Salzburg and Alois Kothgasser, also comment on it.

What we know is a drop. Grander.


Internationally renowned scientists that research water agree that they are only beginning to understand the many intricacies of water. On the 22th of October 2008, the television channel 3sat broadcasted for the first time some interesting and new ideas about water, like

  • the memory of water
  • inflammable sea-water because of radio-waves
  • "water bridge"
  • the transfer of information
  • and much more

GRANDER water revitalization is represented in these new ideas, not scientifically, but practically demonstrated many cases. 

View these 4 short films on Youtube


The GRANDER water revitalization system is well known among private users in apartments and houses. How and why the water revitalization system is being implemented more and more by industrial users, can be found out in the movie ?Crystal Clear Water for Industry?.

Companies like Mercedes-Benz Truck Assembly in Wörth am Rhein, the Manner Corporation in Vienna, Formtec in Karlsruhe etc. show how chemicals can be limited, work reduced and the environment preserved by using GRANDER.


Water - an investigating and inexplicable phenomenon. Water is full of mystery - for example, water has a "memory" and it is capable of transferring information.

Water is defined as H2O. But it is much more than this chemical formula....


GRANDER water revitalization is used in many different applications: hotels, swimming pools and spas, agriculture, industry, private use ...

Over 300,000 users worldwide are very happy and satisfied with the GRANDER water revitalization system and many of them like to explain their exeriences ...


For a long time primarily private people used the GRANDER technology for a better water quality and for improving well being. But today, more companies are interested in the benefits of the GRANDER water revitalization.

International and well-known businesses all over the world use GRANDER to improve their water quality in their different production processes. And it works - better than all other solutions.

Where and how?

Look at these 2 small films.

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