GRANDR Wasser for personal useGRANDR Wasser for personal use
GRANDER belebt Wasser, Menschen und ihre Lebensräume
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water. energy. life.

To date, hundreds of thousands of people world wide have experienced the GRANDER difference in their day to day life. Excited people tell of increased energy, well being and many more individual experiences.

Electromagnetic forces (EMF's) surround us everyday. Microwaves, cell phones, computers, power lines and televisions are part of our lives and many people believe that they can affect our inner balance in harmful ways.

+ energy increases
+ deeper sleeps
+ increase inner balance

Product: Pendants

original. natural. biological.

The original GRANDER Water is a revitalized water following the natural procedure by Johann Grander. The uniqueness of this water lies in the fact that it remains durable and fresh for at least four years - In order to experience its natural strength, use in small quantities.

Product: Blue Water

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