GRANDER Wasser in hotels and restaurantsGRANDER Wasser in hotels and restaurants
GRANDER belebt Wasser, Menschen und ihre Lebensräume
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Water has always been felt to have healing properties. The Hotel and Spa industry has recently experienced great growth and GRANDER is right along side of it.

GRANDER commercial applications not only offer a natural solution to treat swimming pool and spa water but also has beneficial results in restaurant and commercial buildings.


In Europe it has gotten to the point where people choose only to stay in hotels with the GRANDER technology. The same will soon happen in North America as hotels begin to see to enormous benefits and as the general public becomes more aware of the GRANDER technology.

+ less equipment maintenance costs
+ decrease chemical usage in swimming pools
+ swimming pools feel better
+ decrease bacteriological conditions in ice machines
+ decrease chemical usage in cooling tower treatment


Restaurants use GRANDER because they can decrease cleaning detergents yet their floors and counters are cleaner with less streaks. As well, savings can be found by decreasing the amount of coffee grounds used and a more pleasurable experience can be achieved for your customers as washrooms tend to have less odor.  Using GRANDER in conjunction with filtration is a great solution for restaurant owners who want an alternative to bottled water.

+ decrease cleaning agents
+ decrease odors in washrooms
+ decrease scaling and buildup on equipment
+ increase ice making efficiency
+ no more bottled water - better for the environment and customers
+ prepare food with optimal water = better taste

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