GRANDER Wasser commercial use and for industryGRANDER Wasser commercial use and for industry
GRANDER belebt Wasser, Menschen und ihre Lebensräume
Grander Austria | Areas of use

commercial and industry
zero downside solutions

Building upon the powerful treatment capabilities of the GRANDER® Technology, we work with industry to optimize their treatment solutions and minimize chemical consumption, while enhancing overall system performance.

+ One-Time Capital Cost
+ No moving or consumable parts
+ Reduce chemical usage
+ Enhance system stability
+ Reduce maintenance costs
+ Directly beneficial to the environment

cooling water systems

Dependent on chemical treatment to stabilize water quality, industrial cooling water systems have traditionally had a host of issues in dealing with water.

+ decrease scaling and pipe buildup
+ lower chemical usage
+ directly benefit environment
+ less maintenance costs

water bottling companies

Bottled water has become a huge market in the last few years. Thousands of companies are fighting hard to gain a competetive advantage over each other.

People are realizing the importance of healthy water, and GRANDER is redefining water quality! Your customers will notice the difference when you use GRANDER to treat your bottled water. Tjhis will set your company apart from the competition!

+ increase shelf life
+ restructured, revitalizes water
+ fresher taste

future applications

+ municipal water
+ waste water treatment
+ soil remediation
+ composting and renewal of natural systems
+ building systems

How the GRANDER water reviatization is used in industry companies all over the world you can see on these 2 films:

  • Grander in Industry (2005)
  • Clear water for Industry (2008)

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